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Easy tips to fix slow internet

Oct 19, 2015

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It’s perhaps the most common first-world problem out there; slow internet connection.

Millions of first-world humans suffer everyday from this tragic event, and what’s worse? Most people don’t even know why it’s that bad (other than a bad provider or long distance) or how to really fix it. But thankfully below are 4 tips on why it’s that way and how you can help fix it.

1. Close unnecessary tabs and windows
This is a very simple one. So simple in fact that people overlook it as a way to speed up their computer and internet. It’s called multitasking and computers are built to multitask many things at once. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect the speed of a computer. And I know we all do it (as I’m typing this I have 3 windows up with a total of 17 tabs open) but we have to be careful. This is also a case for mobile phones and tablets at too many apps and tabs will slow down the processing and drain the battery. If your computer and internet are being slower than usual, let it breathe a little by closing out of unnecessary applications.

2. Optimize your browser
Let’s be clear, some internet browsers are better than others. There are a plethora of jokes about Internet Explorer and how slow of a connection it is.Let’s post one right here.
As you can see Internet Explorer has quite a bad reputation and for good reason. Usually the hierarchy of fast browsers go as follows; Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. If you find yourself with slow internet, you may want to change up your browser.

3. Find a new provider
This may be something obvious, but it can literally be the best thing you do for your internet. Maybe your ISP just isn’t making the cut. There are plenty of providers out there that won’t even have to cost you that much more. If you want help in choosing a different provider, visit this link here.

4. Fix/boost Wi-Fi
A provider may be fine, but your Wi-Fi signal might be weak. There are a few reasons to manage this. First of all, make sure your router is in a good location. If you do 90% of your internet use in a certain room, it may be well worth your time to put the router in that room. If not, then find a location within the center of your building to optimize every location. Another tip is too make sure your wi-fi has a security password so that you don’t run into wi-fi thieves that will split your internet usage.

Use these simple tips and you’ll be feeling a lot better with your faster internet.

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