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Become a programer; 4 websites that teach you how to code

Sep 24, 2015

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Programming and coding is at the heart of our computer dominated world. Being able to code and write your own program is not only fun and rewarding, but vastly marketable in the career field.

Now some people pay hefty tuition and class fees to learn how to code, but many don’t know that you can learn all this stuff online for much less and sometimes even free! Below is a list of 4 of the best websites that will teach you how to code.

1. Code Avengers
Perhaps the greatest thing about Code Avengers is it’s ability to introduce coding, often a daunting and troublesome thing to start, into a very easy one. You will be able to get accustomed to the world of coding and develop good habits that will help you in the future.

The website focuses on HTML, JavaScript, and CSS; the basics when it comes to computer and website coding. And it starts out with a free introductory lesson that will help you evaluate where you are with coding and whether you would like to continue with the program.

2. Codecademy
Codecademy’s strength lies in its accessibility rather than its depth. It does cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Ruby, PHP and Python, but only gets you comfortable with each instead of a master of each. However, the site is completely free and organized in controlled and easy to navigate sections.

One advantage to Codecademy is it allows you to program right within your browser instead of making you use coding modules, all while providing step by step feedback and instruction as you go. It’s all learn as you go instead of “watch tutorial, do it yourself.” Once you bust your way through Codecademy, you’ll be able to start coding on a deeper level anywhere else.

3. Treehouse
Treehouse has the advantage of providing the widest array of coding languages and programs from web design, WordPress, IOS/Android development, Python, Ruby, and so forth. Take advantage of all of these you’ll be experienced in the most usable programs money can buy. Which is saying something…because you do have to buy it. There are two subscription models—a basic $25/month one and a pro $49/month upgrade—but if you want to test the waters for free then there’s a 14-day trial available that you can sign up for without any obligation.

But the money is worth it also provides the most interactive learning methods with quizzes, forums, speakers, videos, etc. Your learning will be organized, consistent, and useful. If any website is worth the money you’re paying for, it’s this one.

4. Code School
Code School requires more experience in coding before you starts and takes you to a deeper level in programming. Because of its more difficult nature it does come at a cost. There’s a flat montly fee of $29 and you get access to everything.

The four main paths to choose from is Ruby, HTML/CSS, IOS and Javascript. You’ll want to gain a better level of coding perhaps through the websites mentioned above and once you’ve completed Code School you will have the qualifications of a programmer and could easily get a job as one.

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