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How best to protect your laptop

Jul 7, 2015

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Some might think buying a stylish laptop case is all they need to to protect their computer from getting damaged.

However, laptops are still very vulnerable to damage if you’re not careful; especially as laptops became increasingly lighter and more fragile. So here are a few tricks to ensure your laptop will last for years to come.

1. Don’t pack your laptop without proper casing
This one might seem obvious, but it’s perhaps the least followed rule. Often people are too cheap to buy a case or too lazy and just stick it in their bag or briefcase. You’re playing a dangerous game if you do this. Even if there’s nothing in the bag that could harm the laptop, you can’t discount the possibility of accidentally dropping or in some other way hitting your bag/briefcase against something. You can never predict when something like this may happen and it can severely damage your laptop. Play it safe, buy that case and be safe rather than sorry.

2. Keep liquids far from your laptop
Now we understand that everyone sits down at their computer with either a bottle of water, cup of coffee, or glass of orange juice in their hand. While that’s normal and won’t be going away anytime soon, there is still great risk in having liquids near your laptop and ways you can minimize that risk. First make sure that any container of liquid you have either has a lid or some type of covering, because all it takes is one slip of the hand to send your drink cascading over your keyboard, slipping through the cracks and short-circuiting your hardware. Best not to risk it. But if it happens, check out this video that will help you fix it.

3. Screen protectors
In this day and age touch screens are becoming more and more rampant, and soon they will be standard among laptops. More than just finger smudges, screens are subject to dust, dirt and scratches. With a screen protector your laptop is assured to prevent these problems. Not to mention they’re a lot easier to clean and replace than an actual laptop screen. laptop-computer-transparent-133¡±-lcd-monitor-screen-protector-169_p3030

These are just three of many things you can do to protect your laptop from harm. But if you find your laptop in a disrepair anyway, be sure to contact The Computer Connection for all your computer related questions.

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