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Computers: Behind the Scenes

Mar 24, 2016

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There are tons of different computer designs out there, both big and small. Some have silver casings while other have a sleek metallic look. What about the inside? Despite all the creative designs of computers, on the interior, they all run on very similar hardware. Let’s take a look!

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As the name infers, the motherboard is the central circuit board that communicates with all the other parts of the computer. Think of it as a central nervous system. Every component inside the case is connected to this central piece either directly(plugged into the motherboard itself) or indirectly(plugged in via cable).

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The processor, or CPU (Central Processing Unit), controls the execution of all programs. Every time a program is opened or you use your keyboard or mouse, the processor to carrys out that task. Many processors have different speeds and they are all measured in hertz.

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RAM (Random Access Memory) holds data that is being used by any application running on the operating system. Once you close the application in use, the data resources borrowed from the RAM will free up, hence the name: Random Access Memory”; what it stored is temporary and dependent on what programs you have open. RAM is largely responsible for multitasking and keeping everything running smooth when you have a lot of programs open at the same time.

Video/Graphics Card
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This is what creates the colors, images, and videos that you see on your monitor. Most laptops generally come with a graphic card run by the CPU. They are often not powerful enough for demanding visual tasks such as high-resolution gaming or video editing. To achieve higher end graphics, an external/dedicated graphic card should be installed.

Sound Card
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The sound card allows you to plug in headphones or external speakers. Most motherboards have built in sound, but you can install an external/dedicated card for higher quality which is usually unnecessary. Most internal sound cards already do the trick with no upgrades needed.

Network Card
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Do you want to get on the internet? Better make sure a network card is installed. If you want to connect wirelessly, either install a wireless capable network card into your motherboard or via USB. Most motherboards come with all the connections you need but make sure they are wireless capable.

Hard Drive
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The hard drive/disk is similar to the RAM in that it’s also measured in bytes. The big difference being that it is not Random Access Memory. The hard drive is used for storing every file on your computer, including those high-res cat photos you took. It’s important to backup your data because if the hard drive fails, you could lose everything.

Disc/Optical Drives
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These drives have the name “optical” because of lasers used to read CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays. Disc drives are important for burning/copying information (music, videos, etc) onto an external format. Discs have gotten cheaper over the years and now have larger storage capacity thanks to Bluray and dual layer formats.

Power Supply
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Without this, nothing will turn on? Think of it as the gas to your computer engine. Depending on the quality of hardware in your computer, you may need a bigger power supply.

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