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An Artificial Takeover

Feb 8, 2016

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You look around the desert wasteland that you’ve been guided to. Your car has about a quarter tank left and you glare at the glossy lcd screen that betrayed you. “You have a arrived at your destination,” screams a cold robotic voice. Your temper flares as your skin begins to itch, you’ve been duped by an A.I.

Our cars are full of automatic computations including cruise control and automatic transmission and it’s only getting increasingly complex. Self-driving cars are becoming more advanced and viable and that’s exactly what Google is aiming for. The Google car basically scans the environment with a mounted laser on its roof, a camera, and radar system. This helps assure that the vehicle won’t bump into any object.


Motions sensors are prominent in video games including the Xbox Kinect and Playstation Camera. These cameras are able to track your body from head to toe. The sensor can not only see your face but track eye movements and even detect various expressions you make. A little creepy right?


Have you ever heard of Watson, the thinking computer? He’s a question answering computer system much like Siri but he’s much smarter. He appeared on Jeopardy and won the first place prize of $1 million. He has access to 200 million pages of content spanned over four terabytes of storage. That’s a TON of space for just informational pages. Although Watson is smart, he can’t think for himself and gain intelligence.


Artificial intelligence is a long ways from having human-like intelligence with the ability to truly reason and process any type of emotions. Basically, Skynet level artificial intelligence isn’t coming anytime soon perhaps we should count that as a blessing.

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