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Q: What should I do if my computer is acting strange?

A: The first troubleshooting step for any problem is to restart the computer. Often times restarting will clear up many “strange” issues. If the problem still persists, try to identify a specific problem and then look at our other FAQs for suggestions. If you can’t find a solution, or would like us to resolve your problem quickly, please contact us at 435-319-4620.

Q: My Internet is not working, what should I do?

A: Is the Internet working on other devices at your location (i.e. other computers, tablets or game consoles)?

  • If yes, then restart your computer, and test again. If it still isn’t working check the network connection. If it is a wired connection make sure the wire is tightly connected on both ends. If it is a wireless connection, try to rejoin the wireless network. If your Internet still isn’t working, then contact us at 435-319-4620.
  • If the Internet isn’t working on any device, start with a power cycle. This requires the power cord on each network device to be unplugged. Wait 30 seconds. Then plug in the first network device. This will most likely be a DSL or cable modem. Wait for that device to completely start up. Typically this will be about 1 minute. Then connect the next network device. This is typically a router. Wait for that device to completely start up. This will be about 1 minute. Then try your Internet connection again. (Note: Some Internet connections only use 1 device; you can still reset it as outlined above.) If your connection still isn’t working, you may contact your provider to see if there is an outage in your area, or we would be happy to help as well. You may contact us at 435-319-4620.
Q: I think I have a virus, what should I do?

A: Some viruses block the entire screen making it difficult to do anything at all, if this is the case, one of our professional technicians would be happy to assist you. You may either bring the computer to us, or schedule a time for someone to come out. Our phone number is 435-319-4620. If the infection will allow you to use the computer, you can start with a full anti-virus scan using your anti-virus program. Second you should run a full anti-malware scan. If the infection still persists after these scans have been run, deeper scans may be necessary. We would be happy to assist you with these scans. Occasionally the infections are so deep that only a reformat and reinstall can correct the problem. This process requires backing up your data, deleting everything on the computer, reinstalling Windows from scratch, reinstalling all your programs, and lastly moving your data back to your machine. We recommend asking for assistance with this procedure as data loss is possible.

Q: How do I prevent my computer from getting a virus?
  • Make sure you have an updated anti-virus program that is doing daily scans.
  • Make sure you are doing all of your software updates. This includes Windows and third party program updates.
  • Don’t open attachments that you aren’t expecting, even if they are coming from someone you know.
  • Backup your data regularly. Some infections delete data. If this happens your only recourse will be a backup.
  • Our managed services division is capable of monitoring your computer, and performing the maintenance tasks listed above. For more information on how managed services can benefit you, please click here.
Q: My email is not working, what should I do?

A: The first step is to identify if you are using webmail to access your email, or a separate email program.

  • If you are using webmail, check to see if other websites are working OK. If your Internet is not working please refer to the “My Internet is not working, what should I do?” FAQ above. If other sites are working try restarting your computer. Lastly try to use another browser to access your mail. Both Firefox and Google Chrome can be downloaded for free. If your email is still not working, or you would like to have assistance with any of these steps, don’t hesitate to call us at 435-319-4620. You may also try one of our instant support options listed on the home page.
  • If you use a separate program to access your email, there are several settings that could affect your ability to send and receive messages. Try to remember if any new programs were installed, or other settings were changed that could have affected your email. If you are trying to setup a new account, your email provider will typically have a web page guiding you how to setup your email program. If these suggestions don’t work please contact us at 435-319-4620 for immediate assistance.
Q: My printer isn’t working, what should I do?

A: Printers can be temperamental sometimes. There are several actions to take if your printer won’t print. First try to restart both the printer and the computer. Second check if your printer has any error messages. If so try to correct those messages. Third, check that you are printing to the correct device. Sometimes the computer will try to print to an old printer that may still be installed on your computer. If none of these actions fix your printer, please contact us at 435-319-4620 for immediate assistance.

Q: My computer won’t start, what should I do?

A: If the computer won’t power on at all, meaning that no lights on the tower turn on, make sure the power cable in the back on the tower is tight. Second make sure the surge protector is turned on. Third unplug the power cord on the tower for 30 seconds, and then reconnect it. If these suggestions don’t work please contact us at 435-319-4620 for immediate assistance. If your computer will turn on, but won’t load Windows; then you can try to use the startup repair option built into Windows, sometimes this will correct the issue. If startup repair doesn’t correct the issue, we recommend backing up your data before trying other methods to prevent data loss. We can assist in backing up data, and correcting boot problems.

Q: Why should I backup my data?

A: You only need to backup the data that you care about. The hard drive of a computer is where all of your data is stored. The hard drive is a mechanical device that is prone to failure. Even brand new hard drives have a 3% average failure rate. If you care about your precious family pictures, or your critical business documents, back them up.

Q: How do I backup my data?

A: A good backup will always keep data in at least two different drives; preferably not in the same physical location. We recommend online backup programs as they are easy to setup, and easy to maintain. Because online backup programs use the Internet, the data is moved to a separate physical location as soon as it is backed up. Depending on the amount of data you need to backup, other backup methods may be better suited to your needs. We can create a custom backup solution to meet your needs. Please contact us by phone at 435-319-4620, or use one of our instant support options listed on the home page.

Q: How much will my PC cost to repair?

A: This question has a wide range of answers depending on the symptoms, and the level of support you need. However, if your computer doesn’t have any hardware problems, we can correct most other problems in about 1.5 – 2 hours.

Q: What are your store hours?

A: We are open Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm. We are open Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Q: If I bring my computer to you, how quickly will it be finished?

A: We strive for a next day turnaround, however we do ask for 48 hours when you drop off your computer. Please be advised that if your computer is being repaired over the weekend or a holiday, it may take extra time because of store closures, and limited staff.